It is bicycle season and drivers must be on the lookout for cyclists. Cyclists have the same rights and duties as the driver of a vehicle. Cyclists are not allowed to ride on the sidewalk, must not ride in crosswalks, must ride as near as practicable to the right side of the road. There are other duties of cyclists and they are set out in Section 183 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Cyclists must wear helmets.

Cars and Trucks have the same duties in overtaking a cyclist as they do in overtaking any other vehicle. They must pass only when it is safe to do so. Section 157 of the Motor Vehicle Act sets out that an overtaking vehicle must pass to the left at a safe distance and not return to their own lane until they are safely clear of the overtaken vehicle. While cylists must keep to the right hand side of the road, many drivers do not realize that cyclists often have to move to the left to avoid obstacles on the road such as glass, gravel, drains and debris which could cause the cyclist to go down. Cyclists are vulnerable. Cars and trucks often pass cyclists far too closely, not thinking about the cyclists vulnerable position. Drivers must give cyclists proper room and pass, and return to their own lane, only when it is safe to do so; driver's  must not endanger a cyclist by passing too soon and too closely. A Driver will be liable for a cyclists injuries if the driver passes unsafely and causes a cyclist to fall and be injured. No contact between the car and the bicycle is required for a driver to be held responsible. Think safety before you pass a cyclist, and give the cyclist room when you do pass.

Please share the road this summer.

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