Check and see if your Chiropractor has opted into this agreemnt with ICBC. It may not be a good deal for you. While ICBC is saying this is good for their customers because of the streamlined payment process, that comes at a cost to you the patient. ICBC should be paying your chiropractic benefits under your Part 7 claim anyway, so any benefit to you is illusory

For chiropractors who opt-in, the agreement guarantees a lump-sum payment upon treating a patient three times and also compels them to disclose the entire private health records of their patients upon request from ICBC. Under the ICBC agreement, chiropractors get a $900 lump-sum payment whether they treat a patient suffering chronic problems 3 times or 30 times. ICBC calls the BC Chiropractic Association its "partner." It is wrong for health care professionals to compromise the rights of patients. A chiropractor's obligation should be to their patient, not to an insurance company. This agreement creates a conflict of interest for Chiropractor's opting in.

ICBC's agreement has all the potential to pervert the doctor-patient relationship. It is an attempt by ICBC to get chiropractors to declare patients cured after three visits. This contract does nothing to make patients better. The requirement to disclose the entire private and confidential health records of individuals may well lead Chiropractors to breach their duty to patients.

Public confidence and trust in ICBC has been tested by a number of recent scandals.

In May 2009, ICBC was criticized for seriously breaching the privacy of its customers after the Crown corporation admitted staff had been providing the claim  histories of jurors to outside lawyers representing ICBC during court proceedings. This was clearly done to gain an unfair advantage in the trials.

In February 2008, an ICBC facility was closed when it was learned that 98 repaired vehicles had been sold without full disclosure of their accident history. Some 22 of the 98 wrecked vehicles were bought by ICBC managers at rigged auctions an internal investigation revealed.


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