Pedestrian Accidents

There were 1,861 police attended traffic collisions that involved pedestrians in 2007. There were 2,010 persons (including occupants of motor vehicles) injured or killed in collisions involving pedestrians, with pedestrians accounting for 96.6% of the victims.

There were 1,868 pedestrians injured in traffic collisions during 2007, 2.5% less than in 2006 (1,915). The number of pedestrians killed was 74. Older persons appear to be at particular risk of death as pedestrians.

Of the 74 pedestrians killed, 31 (41.9%) were aged 61 and over, 5 (6.8%) were between 21 and 30, and 3 (4.1%) were aged under 16. Of the 1,868 injured, 280 (15.0%) were aged 61 and over, 377 (20.2%) were between 21 and 30, and 219 (11.7%) were under age 16.

Of all pedestrian collisions in 2007, 951 (53.0%) injury collisions and 22 (32.4%) fatal collisions occurred at intersections. Over half (64.7%) of all fatal pedestrian collisions occurred at non-intersection locations. Of these fatal collisions, 34.1% involved pedestrians crossing with no signal and no marked crosswalk.

In 2007 Fridays had the highest number of pedestrians injured in collisions, followed by Wednesdays, with Wednesdays being the day with most fatalities.

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Injured 123 247 266 288 285 321 223
Fatality 9 9 4 17 16 4 9
Total 132 256 270 305 301 325 232

The top three contributing factors assigned to involved drivers by the police were, in order of magnitude:

1. Driver inattentive
2. Failing to yield to right of way
3. Driver error/Confusion

The statistics above tell us that car drivers are not paying attention to pedestrians, they are not yielding to pedestrian, and they do not know what to do when confronted by an impending collision.

The Motor Vehicle Act sets out who has the right of way between vehicles and pedestrians. Vehicles must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks (marked and unmarked crosswalks) and pedestrians must yield to vehicles when crossing a road not in a crosswalk. Vehicles of course must avoid pedestrians, and pedestrians cannot, even in a crosswalk, walk or run into the crosswalk when traffic cannot stop for them.

A crosswalk is a portion of the road that has lines, signs or markings that it is a crosswalk, and a crosswalk is also the part of the road at an intersection that joins sidewalks on either side of the road.

Settlement for Brain Injured Pedestrian

BC Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Ben Falkenberg agreed to help a young man in his early 20's who had been hit by a car when he was 4 years old, and never had any help or assistance for his injuries as he grew up. The driver of a car that hit him, and his insurance company, denied fault for the collision. The young man was knocked unconscious, had a fractured skull and a brain injury.  The insurance company early on made a low offer of $30,000 and stood firm with that offer, saying they would not move from it. Nanaimo lawyer Ben Falkenberg set the matter for a Jury trial. The case was settled farily at mediation shortly before the trial date.

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Contact BC Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Ben Falkenberg for a consultation regarding your Pedestrian Accident or Crosswalk Accident case to see if you have a case that we can assist you with. We can only take a certain number of cases each year, so we carefully review your case before we agree to take it on. We will review your case and if it meets with our case selection criteria, we may agree to assist you; even if we cannot assist you, we will refer you to another lawyer who can.

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Cost of Legal Services

The cost of legal services is always a major concern for people who have been injured and may be unable to work.  If we agree to take your case, we offer our legal services on a contingent fee basis.  A contingent fee is a percentage of the amount of the recovery, paid at the conclusion of the case.  There is no fee until there is a successful resolution of your case. If there is no recovery there is no fee.

Studies have shown that auto accident injury claimants who hired a lawyer received about three and a half times better settlement than they would have if they had tried to negotiate their case alone.

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