Motorcycle Accidents

There were 98,639 motorcycles licensed in British Columbia during 2007. The number of motorcycles licensed showed an increase of 7.4% from 2006. In 2007, drivers licensed to operate motorcycles totaled 235,732, a 2.7% increase from the previous year. There were 47 fatal collisions and 972 injury collisions involving motorcycles in 2007.

In 2007 the top five contributing factors assigned by the police to other drivers colliding with motorcycles were, in order of magnitude:

1.    Driver inattentive
2.    Failing to yield to right of way
3.    Driver error/confusion
4.    Improper Turning
5.    Following too closely

The statistics above tell us that car drivers are not paying attention to motorcycles, they are not yielding to motorcycles, they do not know what to do when confronted by a motorcycle, nor what to do when there is an impending collision, they turn in front of motorcycles and they follow motorcycles too closely.

Motorcycle riding is a specific skill. Many lawyers who are not motorcycle riders take on motorcycle collision cases. Motorcycles are complicated machines and riding a motorcycle is a very specific skill. Motorcycle handling and operation is very different from riding a bicycle or driving a car.  Anyone who is not a motorcycle rider will not have the knowledge through training and experience of what happens when you ride a motorcycle; and you can't know these things just by reading about them in a book.

2009 Jury Verdict - Over $4 Million for Injured Motorcyclist

In 2009 BC Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Ben Falkenberg obtained a Jury Verdict of over $4 Million Dollars for a seriously injured motorcyclist. The driver of the car that hit the motorcyclist and her insurance company denied fault for the collision.  After a 4 week Jury Trial, Ben Falkenberg, along with Co-counsel Adam de Turberville, obtained a verdict of over $4 million dollars for the injured motorcyclist who suffered catastrophic injuries. The 18 year old female driver, who had an N License and 3 passengers, denied fault for the collision.  Nanaimo lawyer Ben Falkenberg, an experienced motorcycle rider, agreed to take the case and went to trial against the insurance company who were  adamant that the collision was the fault of the injured motorcyclist. The handling and operation of the motorcycle was a big issue in that case. Because of Nanaimo, BC motorcycle accident lawyer Ben Falkenberg's experience riding motorcycles, he was able to fully understand what the motorcyclist did and knew that the motorcyclist he was riding properly; and Ben had the knowledge and experience to be able to explain all of that to the Jury. The Jury found the 18 year old female driver 85% at fault for the collision and awarded damages of over $4 million dollars.

Nanaimo motorcycle accident lawyer Ben Falkenberg is a licensed motorcycle rider and has experience riding street, off road and enduro motorcycles. Ben has experience riding the Yamaha R1 Sport Bike, the Honda CBR RR 1000 Sport Bike, the Harley Davidson Street Glide, the BMW GS 1200 Adventure Bike, the Yamaha Warrior 1800 Cruiser Bike, the KTM EXC 400 Enduro Bike, and the Honda CRF 450r and 450x.

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Contact BC motorcycle accident Lawyer Ben Falkenberg for a consultation regarding your Motorcycle Collision case to see if you have a case that we can assist you with. We can only take a certain number of cases each year, so we carefully review your case before we agree to take it on. We will review your case and if it meets with our case selection criteria, we may agree to assist you; even if we cannot assist you, we will refer you to another lawyer who can.

Ben Falkenberg handles cases all over the Province of British Columbia (BC).

Cost of Legal Services

The cost of legal services is always a major concern for people who have been injured in an accident and may be unable to work.  If we agree to take your case, we offer our legal services on a contingent fee basis.  A contingent fee is a percentage of the amount of the recovery, paid at the conclusion of the case.  There is no fee until there is a successful resolution of your case. If there is no recovery there is no fee.

Studies have shown that auto accident injury claimants who hired a lawyer received about three and a half times better settlement than they would have if they had tried to negotiate their case alone.

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