Before you return the ICBC adjuster's phone call, go for an appointment with the adjuster or go for a "free consultation" with a lawyer, get our book and our information package as you will be armed with the information you need to make informed decisions about your case.

When you order Nanaimo lawyer Ben Falkenberg's book and information package, and sign up for our non-boring, non-lawyer-like consumer information newsletter, you will be getting a great free information package at no obligation. It is all designed to make you a smarter more well informed consumer. We won't send you anything you don't want. You can get just the book, or  you can also ask for our newsletter or our special reports on various topics. Let us know what you want.

You can call our office and speak to Taylor, Kari or Kristin at 250-754-1234 for the fastest ordering. You can also arrange a time for the opportunity to speak with Ben or Heather about your case.

The insurance companies would love for you to give them a signed statement; sign their medical and other authorization forms; and accept their offer to let them pay you a little something for pain and suffering before you know what your rights are. Get informed before you make any decisions or take any steps.

It's Here, It's Free to BC Residents

I've seen too many people who've been taken advantage of by insurance companies simply because they lacked valuable information. That's why I wrote my book about BC Car Accidents. Now, there's no need to call for a 'free consultation' as your first step. Instead, simply request your copy of our book. It answers many of the common questions I get when I meet with people.

BC car accident victims are beginning to realize that it's ridiculous to think that insurance companies, especially in tough economic times, are going to treat you fairly on their own. BC Consumers also understand that most lawyer advertising is bad for consumers. Bad, because most lawyer ads don't provide you with any really useful information that allows you to make an informed decision when deciding which lawyer to hire, and it does not educate you about the process.

We recently had an individual call us, and before we could call them back they had already hired another lawyer. That person would not have been a good client for us. We like clients who take the hiring of lawyer seriously. People who take time, and ask questions, in making  that very important decision.  For example, people who ask questions about a history of verdicts and settlements. Someone who looks in the yellow pages and hires the first lawyer to answer the phone and talk to them is not a good client for us.

If you have been hurt by someone else's negligence  or carelessness you may not need a lawyer but you should arm yourself with good, quality information before dealing with the insurance company yourself, hiring a lawyer or signing any forms.

The Process

Many people we represent are actually somewhat embarrassed about talking to a lawyer. They often tell us that they never imagined that they would have to sue somebody. What has happened many times is that something an insurance adjuster has done has really upset them. The adjuster tried to get them to settle their case early, before their injuries were resolved, the adjuster has ridiculed them or their claim, or told them it is a bad idea to hire a lawyer as the lawyer will take half of their settlement. Or the adjuster cuts off their rehabilitation payments even though they are still receiving treatment and their doctor advises them they need to continue with physical therapy. Our clients find themselves reluctant participants in process caused by someone else's carelessness and we help through that process.

Cost of Legal Services

The cost of legal services is always a major concern for people who have been injured in an accident and may be unable to work.  If we agree to take your case, we offer our legal services on a contingent fee basis.  A contingent fee is a percentage of the amount of the recovery, paid at the conclusion of the case.  There is no fee until there is a successful resolution of your case. If there is no recovery there is no fee

Studies have shown that auto accident injury claimants who hired a lawyer received about three and a half times better settlement than they would have if they had tried to negotiate their case alone.


This website is filled with a large amount of useful information about lawsuits, including verdict and settlement results. Obviously, the fact that someone achieved a particular result in the past in THEIR case does not mean that YOU will achieve that result in your case. Each case is different. Past results do not guarantee future results. Indeed the VERY SAME case may result in a VERY DIFFERENT outcome which depends on many variables. We don't win all of our cases. No one wins all of their cases. We encourage our web visitors to consult with an experienced qualified lawyer in their area to talk about their case. We encourage everyone to read our book, The BC Car Accident Book.

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